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"It is a far better Manager that attempts something innovative and fails, then the one that attempts nothing and succeeds."

Author unknown

In our mission statement we say, “Each of our customers are unique”. As their requirements differ their goals are consistent. They all strive for success and it is our duty to support their supply chain plan in every way possible. Small or large, our customers expect and will receive the highest quality service available in our Industry. We will never be satisfied with and “adequate job”.

For me, this is not a statement to impress potential customers but a foundational principle that my company is built upon.  At Schafer Logistics we strive daily to insure that the character of our company is reflected by our staff and is held in the highest regard.  We work daily to guarantee our customers that we will do what we say both when our customers are watching and when they are not.  Our goal is to not only meet our customers expectations, but to exceed them.

I started working for Schafer Logistics along with my two brothers Richard and Larry Schafer in the 1960’s. We all began at entry-level positions and over the years worked our way up in management. In 1982 the three of us were given the opportunity to purchase the company from Walter and Wilford Schafer.

Possibly the most important lesson I have learned is that hard work, diligence and success are not concepts they are actions. The mark of a person is not what they could or should have done; it is what they have done.

Over the years our firm has achieved successes.  We have taken considerable steps to improve our ability to service our clients globally; we have opened new offices in New Delhi, India and in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam adding to our global capabilities.

Our “Kaizen-Small continuous improvement” mentality is always in place.  Day after day, new ideas, processes and technologies are constantly evaluated, tested, and implemented to continually improve the level of service to our customers.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Schafer Logistics.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you very soon.  Please feel free to e-mail your questions, concerns or inquiries.


Gary A. Schafer